The Boy in the Castle

Created by Inkylizard

The Boy in the Castle
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169 backers pledged $7,829.00 on Kickstarter

The Boy in the Castle is an illustrated, all-ages fairy tale about love and depression, full of rich details and lyrical language.

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$7,829.00 / 169 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: February 2017
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The Book

The Boy in the Castle follows two children as they explore a fantastical fortress, brightened by their imaginative adventures together. But imagination is a double-edged sword, and the pair find that they are equally capable of conjuring up their own nightmares.

With richly detailed paper-collage illustrations and playful handwritten calligraphy adding energy and motion to the lyrical text, this book intentionally approaches an intimidating subject in a whimsical tone.

This is a love story that's also about fear; the kind of extraordinary fear that paralyses and consumes, eats optimism and secretes doubt, and whispers to us, telling us to build walls.

It's hard to describe what it feels like when the reality in your head is louder than the reality outside. It's hard to understand what's real when your brain is an untrustworthy narrator. Under these circumstances, it's easy to start to believe that no one else has ever felt this way before. Metaphors, both visual and verbal, are a weapon against this insidious terror; they help us find commonalities, and believe that we are not, in fact, alone. 

This book emerged from its creators' efforts to communicate with the world outside our minds, despite those impossible walls. We hope that the words and pictures we've come up with to express some of our feelings might be of value to others who are struggling in the same way. 

The Rewards

Foundation ($2) : At this level you can stay in touch with the campaign; you'll receive updates, hear about new stretch goals, and your name will be included in a special calligraphic artwork in the "acknowledgements" section.

Rampart ($10) : In addition to the rewards from the Foundation tier, at this level you'll receive a downloadable PDF of the book, as soon as it's available.

Portcullis ($30) : The Book itself; additionally, all the rewards from the  Rampart and Foundation tiers. 

Flying Buttress ($45) : Backers at this tier will receive one copy of the book signed by the artist, and one limited edition print, (approx. 5x7" size)  as well as the rewards from the Rampart and Foundation levels.

Kitchen Sink ($70) : One signed copy of the book, and all three limited edition prints, plus the rewards from the Foundation and Rampart tiers.

Scriptorium ($75) : In addition to one signed copy of the book, I will handwrite a quotation for you, in high-quality black ink, of up to 75 words, in the same script used throughout the book. You will also receive the rewards from the Rampart and Foundation tiers. 

The Boy & The Girl ($85) : Two signed copies of the book,two limited edition prints, two download codes for the PDF. 

Gargoyle ($110) : In addition to your signed copy of the book, and the rewards from the Foundation and Rampart tiers, I will create for you a 10x10" original collage artwork, subject matter to be determined between us. 

Library ($140) : At this level you will receive one hardcover and one softcover copy of the book; one full set of Boy in the Castle prints, including hardcover exclusive; plus all of the rewards from the Foundation and Rampart levels. 

Clerestory ($200) : FOR RETAILERS ONLY. Ten copies of the book. Backers at this level will be asked to show a sales license. 

Grail Diary ($350):  Sold Out  A sketched, scribbled, collaged account of the Kickstarter campaign month, from my point of view. 

Throne Room ($550) : I will come to your house, if you are within reasonable transportation distance of Boston, and paint a mural on your wall. At this level you will also receive the rewards from the Flying Buttress and Foundation tiers. 



Note: Shipping costs have not been included. See FAQ for details. 

As always, forever and ever, over and over again: THANK YOU for taking the time to check out this project, and please consider sharing.